Doesn’t Water Already Have Hydrogen In It?

Last Updated on: July 5, 2022

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If water already has hydrogen in it, why do you need more? Keep reading to find out more about hydrogen water.

What Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water from an Echo™ machine is water that has been infused with free-flowing hydrogen gas. Molecular hydrogen has been proven through over 1,000 studies to have positive health effects such as:

  • Aiding in good gut health
  • Helping to boost your immune system
  • Improving mental clarity and cognitive function
  • Reducing inflammation in the body

 But is hydrogen water really needed if water already has molecular hydrogen in it? 

Doesn’t Water Already Have Hydrogen in It?

The water molecule has two hydrogen atoms, chemically bound to the oxygen atom. These hydrogen atoms are different from the hydrogen gas molecule, which is just two hydrogen atoms bound only to each other.

To further grasp this idea, let’s take a look at oxygen. As we know, we need oxygen (O2) to live, but even though water has oxygen in it, we can’t possibly get all the oxygen we need from drinking water. That’s because the oxygen is chemically tied up in the water molecule. We then need available oxygen gas, a gas that is not bonded to other atoms or molecules. Likewise, we need the free-flowing hydrogen gas (H2) in hydrogen water to access the full benefits. 

While in its diatomic form, hydrogen acts as an effective, therapeutic, selective antioxidant. 

As a therapeutic antioxidant, molecular hydrogen is able to help lower inflammation and oxidative stress, which are the cause behind major health diseases like:

  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Heart disease 
Boy & girl enjoying a glass of antioxidant water from the Echo H2 Pitcher™
Echo™ Machines give you pure, fresh hydrogen water.

What Makes Hydrogen-Infused Water Different Than Regular Water?

Simply put, electrolyzed hydrogen water is water with added hydrogen gas that has gone through electrolysis, giving the water a -400mV to -500mV* Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP). Drinking water with this ORP supports healthy gut function and stimulates the growth of good gut bacteria. When we say that the water has added hydrogen in it, this does not mean that your water is changing from H2O to H3O. What this means is that the water contains the gaseous form of hydrogen. In other words, hydrogen water is water with bubbles of hydrogen moving through it.

Hydrogen is a highly unstable element which is, perhaps, its greatest advantage. (1) Because it is so unstable, it is easily able to bind with other elements like oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. This allows it to have an exceptionally wide range of uses. One of these uses being that it is a therapeutic gas for various diseases. (2). But how else is hydrogen beneficial to your health?

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Hydrogen-infused water can enhance the benefits of regular water and improve overall health.

What Does Hydrogen Do for Your Body?

Hydrogen is the third most abundant element in our bodies. Hydrogen plays a key role in your cells’ metabolism, which helps you feel energetic. When your cells’ metabolism is not functioning efficiently, you experience inflammation and lactic acid buildup. Hydrogen gas is also essential for efficient waste elimination and energy conservation. Hydrogen is also essential for reducing harmful free radicals that damage your cells. This is because hydrogen functions as a selective antioxidant. (3)

Another major reason why hydrogen water is needed starts with the gut. When we eat food, especially fiber-rich foods, if we have good gut bacteria like aerobic microflora, those good bacteria eat the food and release hydrogen gas. So essentially, the gut is your own hydrogen generator. This hydrogen is responsible for:

  • Regulating oxidation in the body.
  • Acting as a signal modulator, which means it gives direction to the systems that control what is supposed to happen in the body. 
  • Stimulating gastric ghrelin: Ghrelin is essential for weight loss, preventing fat storage, regulating the brain, and helping against neurological issues like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

So, when your body is lacking in hydrogen, many essential functions are disrupted.

Proven Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water can enhance the benefits of regular water and improve overall health. Hydrogen-infused water has been shown to:

  1. Improve your immune system
  2. Prevent the increase of blood lactate in high-intensity workouts
  3. Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress
  4. Boost gut health
  5. Reduce allergies
  6. Help with certain behavior and mood disorders
  7. Prevent certain types of hearing loss
  8. Help with weight loss
  9. Fight aging
  10. And more

For more information on the benefits of hydrogen, visit this page.

*These measurements were tested in an ideal environment. Results may vary based upon location and source water.

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