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by Janice H on EchoH2Water
Great Water and Outstanding Customer Service

My husband and I purchased our Echo Water Ionizer last fall and have been loving it. The water tastes great and my husband claims that it has helped to eradicate his nighttime cravings for sweets. When we initially had our system installed the electrician was unable to install a plug under our sink because of errors in the original wiring. An electrician quoted us $500 to correctly install a plug for our Echo Water Ionizer. Paul and his staff found us an electrician in our area who was able to do it much more simply and cheaply and then paid for it!Thank you Paul Barattiero and Echo H2 Water for outstanding water and customer service.

by Yadi Alamin on EchoH2Water
After years of drinking H2 water, Echo changed my life

I started drinking water infused with HHO (Brown's gas) back in 2003, when I was introduced to the "Joe Cell". The water was amazing, but the machine was a primitive mason jar with electrodes made of stainless steel. I drank the water for 13 years before seeing Paul's presentation on Youtube. I was more than impressed by his knowledge, and his simplicity in explanation.I ordered the Echo 9 machine and fell in love with it instantly. The Acid water alone is worth the price.The H2 infused water has helped our clients with pain, and other disorders.We see over 50 clients a week, and the water is flying out the door. Will order a machine for the home.

by Dinner Herrington on EchoH2Water
No more baking soda at night!

Before I received my Echo 9 machine I was having to take baking soda almost every night before bed because of stomach burning. I've had stomach testing done by my gastro specialist that only showed my stomach was inflamed. Of course they wanted me to take prescription antacid medicine but instead I decided to just deal with it by taking baking soda and water before bed which made the burning in my stomach go away. I've had my machine almost a week and I have not had to take baking soda at all since! It must be the alkaline in the water that is making my ph more balanced. I am so impressed and am a firm believer that this machine is a benefit to my digestive system. Anyone who has digestive issues must give this machine a try. I for one will not go without my Echo alkaline water. Thank you!

by Tami Goldstein on EchoH2Water

I can't believe how good this water tastes! There is such a difference between it and the yucky city water. Why didn't I get a Echo Water Ionizer sooner?

by Corey Sidlo on EchoH2Water

My family & I LOVE our Echo Water Ionizer, thank you Paul Barattiero, and Robert Scott Bell, for teaching us about ionized water and how empowering it is to our health. If you\'re reading this review and are thinking about purchasing an Echo Water Ionizer, you won\'t regret it; your health and the health of your loved ones is worth every penny. Simply put, one can not put a dollar value on feeling alive and well and seeing those around you thrive. Our kids can\'t get enough of the water as well. It\'s the real deal. Quite frankly, you haven\'t tasted water until you\'ve drank it fresh from an Echo Water Ionizer. To health, and the health of those we love! ~Cheers! 🙂 As for the machine itself, its design is very pleasing on the eye and well built out of quality parts. Oh yeah, and the kids think it\'s the coolest thing ever when it talk to you too. Now if you\'ll excuse me, I\'m headed to the kitchen to enjoy another glass of ionized water.

by Elizabeth Ruiz Deporras on EchoH2Water

My husband and I started drinking Echo Ionized Water in May when we got our lovely faucet installed. My husband is drinking more water and has been slowly replacing all other drinks with just the ionized water. We use it to make coffee, to wash and cook our food. I water my plants with it and have been giving it to my dogs as well. I drink nothing else but this water and have noticed that my skin is more hydrated. I have more energy. As for my health - I had bursitis in my left hip, high cholesterol and diabetes. The pain in my hip has all but disappeared. My latest blood work came back. My cholesterol is normal. My blood sugar levels are normal. Without medication. I stopped using my diabetes meds over a month ago. Not on purpose. I just couldn't seem to remember to take them at lunch time each day. I was afraid my results would be negative due to my negligence. Instead I was amazed at how normal all my levels were. I am due for a physical soon and I will discuss this with my doctor and will ask to have blood work done again just to confirm this. I feel better than I have in years. I just got so used to always having pain in some part of my body that now I stop and say wow nothing hurts 🙂 Thank you!

by Tonya Whitlock on EchoH2Water

Today is my third full day drinking Echo Ionized Water. I waited to post anything about it, because I wanted to be sure what I thought I was experiencing wasn\'t just hype. Today I\'m sure it\'s real. This water tastes so pure and amazing, but it\'s not just the taste. I\'m actually CRAVING it. I\'ve had NO trouble drinking a gallon a day, which is great with the TERRAfit Challenge I\'m participating in right now, and it doesn\'t slosh around in my stomach and make me feel full. You might think it\'s all in my mind, and I get it, I honestly did too. But, listen to the next part of my story.Tonight, after dinner, I was cleaning up the kitchen, and both of my girls were standing by the water dispenser they have always used to serve themselves water. I quit using the filter in it, just started filling it with the ionized water. I told my husband this afternoon I had noticed that they seem to be drinking water more often than they used to. But, it\'s the same dispenser, and they don\'t know the difference, right?Well, judge for yourself. Tonight they were standing there together, drinking cup after cup, singing, \"Water is so wonderful......It tastes SOOOO good!\" over and over. True story.Now I\'m SURE I\'m not just making this up.

Thank you Tonya. Soo glad to hear that Echo Water is blessing your family.