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Qi Comparison Chart

Qi Comparison

EMF radiation is everywhere, so it’s essential to get the device that best fits your needs. All Qi devices will protect you from harmful EMF radiation, so you’ll want to be aware of what protection size you’ll need.

The Qi Me is a great personal device and should be kept on your person, that’s why it protects a small area of 3-5 feet. Its small size makes it easy to place in a jacket pocket or in a purse. The device protects you from EMF radiation and currently protects against 80% of 5G. If you’re looking for something portable and affordable, the Qi-Me is the right choice.
  • Small and portable
  • Personal unit
  • Protects against EMFs
  • Device dimensions
  • 3 x 5 x .75 inches
  • .77 lbs
Qi Shield is excellent for most circumstances and is one of our most popular items. This device is designed to be used on the go. Its cylindrical size is designed to fit in most car cup holders and is small enough to fit in a bag or purse. It creates an area of protection large enough to protect you when stowed in an overhead compartment on an airplane. The Qi Shield releases free electrons which depolarize EMF radiation, making EMFs biologically safe. The area of protection is 16 x 16 feet out, 6 feet up and 6 feet down, this can often protect a small room. The Qi Shield is great nearly everywhere. It can be on a nightstand while you sleep, in the corner of your desk at the office, or on a coffee table near your couch.
  • Small and portable
  • Area of protection – 16 x 16 feet out, 6 feet up and 6 feet down 
  • Ideal for traveling 
  • Device dimensions
  • 3 x 7 inches
  • 1. 8 lb
The Qi Home is ideal for protecting a larger area, such as a home. This device is stationary, so once you place it, you should avoid moving it. The field size for the Qi Home is 50 x 50 feet out, 16 feet up, and 16 feet down. It’s best to place the Qi Home near waist level near the center of the area you want to protect.
  • Larger stationary unit 
  • Area of protection – 50 x 50 ft, 16 feet up and 16 feet down 
  • Built-in deep sleep technology
  • Restructures water within the area of protection
  • Device dimensions 
  • 5 x 17.75 inches 
  •  21 lbs
The Qi Max is ideal for protecting a very large area like a large home or office building. There are only a few differences between the Qi Max and Qi Home: the size of the protection area and the device dimensions. The Qi Max creates a protected area that is 328 x 328 feet out, 100 feet up, and 100 feet down. The Qi Max is also great for protecting uniquely shaped houses that a Qi Home wouldn’t entirely cover.
  • Larger stationary unit 
  • Area of protection – 328 x 328 ft, 100 feet up and 100 feet down 
  • Deep sleep technology
  • Restructures water
  • Device dimensions
  • 11 x 23.5 inches 
  • 45 lbs

What makes us different?

5G is the new health buzzword. You can find a pendant, cellphone case, or nearly any other 5G protection trinket with a single Google search. All of these products claim they can protect you by harmonizing with EMF signals. Qi devices create a protective area, which reduces EMF exposure up to 70%. We don’t try to harmonize with harmful radiation – we decrease exposure. We’re also the only scientifically proven 5G and EMF protection device, with the studies to back it up.

Qi Comparison Chart

Qi Me Qi Shield Qi Home Cell Qi Max
Dimensions 3 x 5 x .75 inches 3 x 7 inches 5 x 17.75 inches 11 x 23.5 inches
Weight 1 lbs 1.8 lbs 20.9 lbs 44 lbs
Horizontal Protective Area (Device Centered) 3-5 ft 8 ft radius (16 ft total) 25 ft radius (50 ft total) 164 ft radius (328 ft total)
Vertical Protective Area 3-5 ft 6 ft up, 6 ft down (12 ft total) 16 ft up, 16 ft down (32 ft total) 100 ft up, 100 ft down (200 ft total)
Material Walnut, Maple, Swiss Pine, Olive Wood Copper Ring, Nickle Plated Copper, & Wood Copper Ring & Swiss Pine or Dark Beech Wood Copper Ring & Swiss Pine or Dark Beech Wood
Distance from phones & WiFi 9.8 inches 9.8 inches 19.7 inches 36 inches
Time for field to fully establish Always on Always on Immediate - full effect in 24 hours Immediate - full effect in 24 hours
EMF protection
Freeze Proof
Depolarize Radiation
3G (850-900 Mhz) Field Strength Reduction
4G (1800-1900 Mhz) Field Strength Reduction
5G Ready 75%
ATP charging & grounding
Price $550.00 $1,195.00 $3,579.00 $6,497.00
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