Is BPA Safe or Not?

Healthy foods in clear plastic containers

Concerns about BPA have grown over the years, yet many manufacturers continue to use it. Discover just what BPA is and why so many people are concerned about it, and learn what you can do to reduce your exposure to BPA.

Going Back to Work? Here’s Some Helpful Hydration Advice

Woman on her phone with laptop on lap - Qi Home Cell in background

Whether you’re excited to get back into the swing of things or dreading going back to work, we can all agree that life won’t quite be the same. Every sneeze, cough, and surface will probably be a breeding ground for the panic seen in our world today. No matter how many times you scrub or […]

What’s in Your Survival Kit?

Bag Containing a 72 hour survival kit

We have drills for tornados, fires, floods, and most other things Mother Nature can throw our way. Staying a step ahead to protect ourselves, as well as our loved ones is always the smart bet. But what do you do when things get serious? I’m not talking about panic buying toilet paper. Are you prepared […]

5 Habits for a Better Morning Routine

Start your day off right with some hydration. Be sure to drink something healthy like herbal tea, juice, water, a protein shake, or a smoothie, as opposed to an energy drink or soda. It’s important to hydrate with a healthy drink choice.