The Echo Go™ Summer

While dehydration tries to attack your body this summer, hydrogen water will keep you safe.

10 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry

Feeling hungry all day and you are not sure why? There are many reasons why your body may experience more hunger than you believe it should.  

How Much Water Should I Drink?

You know you need to drink water. But how do you determine how much you should drink every day without putting your body in danger?

How to Use the Synergy Sauna™

Girl sitting in the Synergy Sauna (portable infrared sauna) in her living room

Make the most of your portable infrared sauna with this simple how-to guide! Learn about the different settings the Synergy Sauna™ has to offer, and when to use them.

Celebrating National Energy Conservation Day

With a growing world population, the amount of energy humans consume every day is continuing to increase. In order to preserve our non-renewable resources and protect the planet on which we live, we need to start conserving the energy we use.