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Bottles of essential oils by lavender branches

Essential Oils for Cleaning

The scents of essential oils can lift your mood and even evoke memories, but did you know that many essential oils are great for cleaning your home due to their antimicrobial properties? Here, we highlight the best essential oils for cleaning and how to use them.

Girl in sporting outfit

5 Hidden Benefits of Sweating

While the main purpose of sweating is obvious — to cool your body down — there are other not-so-obvious benefits of sweating.

Healthy foods in clear plastic containers

Is BPA Safe or Not?

Concerns about BPA have grown over the years, yet many manufacturers continue to use it. Discover just what BPA is and why so many people are concerned about it, and learn what you can do to reduce your exposure to BPA.

Guy petting his dogs head

Minimizing Toxins For Pets

Our pets take great care of us, and it’s time we start taking better care of them. Helping to minimize the toxins our pets are exposed to will help to improve their quality of life and their longevity of life.

Lady getting ready to take a sip of her orange smoothie

The Body’s Natural Ways to Detox Itself

Your body is exposed to a variety of toxins every day that can damage your health over time. But did you know that your body has its own natural ways to detox itself to expel these toxins and keep you healthy?

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