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5 Aspects of Holistic Health and Wellness

Your health involves more than just your physical body. Even if you feel great and are in shape, you may still be far away from achieving maximum well-being. Discover how holistic health and wellness can help you come closer to experiencing a happier, fuller life.

Nutritive Sweeteners vs. Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

In searching to improve their health, many people consider replacing sugar with zero- or low-calorie sweeteners, but can such substitutes provide any real benefits? Read on for an overview of nutritive sweeteners and their non-nutritive counterparts.

Health-Focused Holiday Gifts Under $200

This holiday season, gift shopping doesn’t need to be a hassle. Give your friends and family the gift of better health with our list of health-focused holiday gifts under $200. Your loved ones — and your wallet — will thank you!

Tips for Balancing Hormones Naturally

Hormones help ensure that all of your body’s systems function properly, but even the slightest change in your hormones can wreak havoc. Discover what can cause hormonal imbalances and how you can help your body restore balance naturally.

Bottles of essential oils by lavender branches

Essential Oils for Cleaning

The scents of essential oils can lift your mood and even evoke memories, but did you know that many essential oils are great for cleaning your home due to their antimicrobial properties? Here, we highlight the best essential oils for cleaning and how to use them.

Girl in sporting outfit

5 Hidden Benefits of Sweating

While the main purpose of sweating is obvious — to cool your body down — there are other not-so-obvious benefits of sweating.

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