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Woman on her phone with laptop on lap - Qi Home Cell in background

Going Back to Work? Here’s Some Helpful Hydration Advice

Whether you’re excited to get back into the swing of things or dreading going back to work, we can all agree that life won’t quite be the same. Every sneeze, cough, and surface will probably be a breeding ground for the panic seen in our world today. No matter how many times you scrub or

How Can You Keep Your Employees Healthy?

Every business owner has the responsibility to help keep their employees healthy and happy, but that can be easier said than done. In this article, we will review some of the most common workplace health issues and how you, as an employer, can make small changes around the office to support your employees’ health.

Man representing the joint effort of technology and athleticism

Is 5G Revolutionizing the 2021 Olympics?

The first use of technology within the sports world was urine testing. Now there is talk of holographic athletes and virtual arenas at the 2021 Japan Olympics. Here’s why athletes and the entire sports industry are so interested in 5G.

Workplace EMF Radiation & What to Do About It

What electronics at the workplace emit EMFs? What can you do to stay safe? EMF radiation has been linked to headaches, discomfort, sleep loss, and other symptoms, so check out our tips for reducing exposure and how a Qi Device can provide peace of mind with complete EMF shielding.

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