Can Hydrogen Help Your Hearing?

Last Updated on: May 4, 2022

woman cupping her hand around her ear in order to hear better

Did you know that hydrogen is able to protect your hearing and combat hearing loss? Read this article to find out how:

Molecular hydrogen (H2) has been found to have a number of healing effects on various issues, including hearing loss. Over a dozen research studies have been done on the positive effect that hydrogen can have on hearing loss; this article will focus on five of those key studies.


We are constantly being exposed to noise and carbon monoxide: from watching TV to listening to music to working at the office, in almost every facet of our lives, there is noise. One study published by the Health Scope International Journal entitled “The Effect of Hydrogen Inhalation on Temporary Threshold Shift Following Simultaneous Exposure to Noise and Carbon Monoxide in Guinea Pigs” found that harmful free radical levels increase when we are exposed to noise and carbon monoxide (1).

Free radicals are harmful oxidants that contribute to hearing loss by attacking DNA and healthy cells in their search for another electron. As an effective selective antioxidant, hydrogen neutralizes harmful free radicals by donating an electron. This study found that hydrogen may have a protective effect on your hearing and helps against the development of noise and carbon monoxide induced hearing loss.

This study is not alone in its findings. Here is what other researchers have to say with regards to hydrogen’s effect on hearing:

diagram of an antioxidant giving a free radical an unpaired electrom
Harmful free radicals cause hearing loss.


One study published by the National Library of Medicine found that drinking hydrogen water helped to reduce noise-induced hearing loss (2). In this test, half of the subjects received hydrogen water and the other half received normal drinking water for 14 days before they were exposed to 115 Decibels of noise for three hours. 115 dB is equivalent to hearing a loud trombone or a leaf blower. All subjects then underwent measurements on their auditory brainstem response (ABR). These measurements were taken both before the test and every few days after the test for the next 14 days. The subjects that drank the hydrogen water showed greater hair cell recovery and function and experienced less noise-induced hearing loss.


Inside your ear, there are very small hairs known as auditory hair cells. These hairs are sensitive to sound vibrations. When these sensitive hair cells are overstimulated from listening to loud noises for an extended period of time, these hair cells begin to die, which leads to hearing loss.

One study entitled: “Hydrogen Protects Auditory Hair Cells From Free Radicals” found that hydrogen was able to help reduce the degeneration of hair cells caused by aging, noise, and certain drugs (3). Another study published in the National Library of Medicine also focused its research on how hydrogen helps protect hair cells (4). This study was entitled: “Hydrogen protects vestibular hair cells from free radicals.” Both of these studies found that noise caused oxidative stress which resulted in higher levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS). This cell damaging ROS attacked the hair cells which lead to hearing loss. Both studies found that hydrogen was able to help protect the sensitive cochlear hair cells by decreasing oxidative stress and decreasing ROS.

diagram of the inner ear
Hair cells inside the organ of Corti are essential for good hearing.


Ischemia is a condition that happens when there is an inadequate blood supply to a part of the body. Some types of ischemia can cause damage to the cochlea which leads to hearing loss.

In a study entitled: “Prevention of ischemia-induced hearing loss by intravenous administration of hydrogen-rich saline in gerbil” it was discovered that hydrogen was able to prevent acute hearing loss caused by cochlear ischemia (5). Although this study has not been done on humans, these positive results show the potential of hydrogen to help prevent this type of hearing loss.

diagram of the outter, middle, and inner ear
Hydrogen water helps reduce hearing loss.


Hydrogen undoubtedly carries significant promise when it comes to helping prevent hearing loss. But did you know that hydrogen can also be used to help with your immune system, weight loss, aging, allergies, and more? Learn more about how hydrogen can help reboot your health and how to get access to your own hydrogen water machine.

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