How to Use the Synergy Sauna™

Girl sitting in the Synergy Sauna (portable infrared sauna) in her living room

Make the most of your portable infrared sauna with this simple how-to guide! Learn about the different settings the Synergy Sauna™ has to offer, and when to use them.

Hydrogen-Enriched Water & Oral Health: A Summary of Studies

Hydrogen-enriched water, or hydrogen-enriched water, has been shown to help with many health issues, but did you know that hydrogen-enriched water can also improve your oral health? Numerous studies show that it can help heal a variety of oral health issues, from cavities to oral cancers.

Minerals for Good Health

Minerals are vital for a host of body functions that help you maintain good health. Even though you generally need them in tiny amounts, they are just as crucial as other nutrients.

What Is Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration?

We all know about the water filters in our fridges or the filters we can attach to our sinks, but odds are they aren’t removing as many contaminants as they should. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are effective at removing a variety of contaminants so that you have truly clean drinking water.

Reducing Oxidative Stress for Renewed Health

At the dawn of this new year, perhaps you’ve been thinking about resolutions to improve your health. With this in mind, there is one thing you can focus your efforts on for overall wellness: reducing oxidative stress.