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Bridget Edwards

Side Dish Recipes With Top Antioxidant Foods

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland. If you want to give your body the health boost it needs without sacrificing taste, try making some antioxidant-rich recipes. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

5 Aspects of Holistic Health and Wellness

Your health involves more than just your physical body. Even if you feel great and are in shape, you may still be far away from achieving maximum well-being. Discover how holistic health and wellness can help you come closer to experiencing a happier, fuller life.

Health-Focused Holiday Gifts Under $200

This holiday season, gift shopping doesn’t need to be a hassle. Give your friends and family the gift of better health with our list of health-focused holiday gifts under $200. Your loved ones — and your wallet — will thank you!

Tips for Balancing Hormones Naturally

Hormones help ensure that all of your body’s systems function properly, but even the slightest change in your hormones can wreak havoc. Discover what can cause hormonal imbalances and how you can help your body restore balance naturally.

Man filling Echo Go with water

Glossary of Hydrogen-Infused Water

Talking about Echo Antioxidant Water™ can be confusing, especially with so many medical and scientific terms. Browse our glossary of terms associated with hydrogen-infused water to gain the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your health.

Healthy foods in clear plastic containers

Is BPA Safe or Not?

Concerns about BPA have grown over the years, yet many manufacturers continue to use it. Discover just what BPA is and why so many people are concerned about it, and learn what you can do to reduce your exposure to BPA.

Man with red shirt holding up the Echo Go (hydrogen water bottle)

All About the Echo Go™ Hydrogen Water Bottle

The Echo Go™ is the newest way for you to access hydrogen-enriched water. This portable, easy-to-use hydrogen water bottle lets you take the powerful benefits of Antioxidant Water™ everywhere. Discover everything you need to know about how to use and care for your Echo Go™!

Lady getting ready to take a sip of her orange smoothie

The Body’s Natural Ways to Detox Itself

Your body is exposed to a variety of toxins every day that can damage your health over time. But did you know that your body has its own natural ways to detox itself to expel these toxins and keep you healthy?

Hand holding hose and watering flowers

9 Interesting Facts About Water

Hydro Bro, your favorite expert on all things water, is at it again! This time, we are diving into some of the most interesting facts about water that will change how you look at the liquid in your glass.

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