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Girl sitting in the Synergy Sauna (portable infrared sauna) in her living room

How to Use the Synergy Sauna™

Make the most of your portable infrared sauna with this simple how-to guide! Learn about the different settings the Synergy Sauna™ has to offer, and when to use them.

What Is Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration?

We all know about the water filters in our fridges or the filters we can attach to our sinks, but odds are they aren’t removing as many contaminants as they should. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are effective at removing a variety of contaminants so that you have truly clean drinking water.

Woman using the Echo Clean all natural cleaner on kitchen fridge

What Is Sodium Hypochlorite?

Sodium hypochlorite is a powerful, toxin-free sanitizer and disinfectant that can help keep your home germ-free and your family healthy. Learn more about what sodium hypochlorite is and how it works.

Celebrating National Energy Conservation Day

With a growing world population, the amount of energy humans consume every day is continuing to increase. In order to preserve our non-renewable resources and protect the planet on which we live, we need to start conserving the energy we use.

How to Stay Healthy With Holiday Eating

The holiday season is notorious for sweet treats, big party dinners, and the seemingly unavoidable bigger waistline. This year, try incorporating a few simple habits into your holiday celebrations to stay healthy and avoid those extra pounds.

How Hydrogen Water Can Relieve Joint Pain

Got joint pain? If your joints ache constantly and make it difficult to perform daily tasks, you may have arthritis. If that’s the case, you don’t have to accept a life filled with chronic pain. By drinking hydrogen-enriched water, you can experience less joint pain and a better way of life.

Side Dish Recipes With Top Antioxidant Foods

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland. If you want to give your body the health boost it needs without sacrificing taste, try making some antioxidant-rich recipes. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

5 Aspects of Holistic Health and Wellness

Your health involves more than just your physical body. Even if you feel great and are in shape, you may still be far away from achieving maximum well-being. Discover how holistic health and wellness can help you come closer to experiencing a happier, fuller life.

Health-Focused Holiday Gifts Under $200

This holiday season, gift shopping doesn’t need to be a hassle. Give your friends and family the gift of better health with our list of health-focused holiday gifts under $200. Your loved ones — and your wallet — will thank you!

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