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Last Updated on: June 17, 2022

Forty million people in the United States get their water from privately owned wells. If you are one of these people, keep reading to find out how a heavy metals water filter and sulfur water filter can keep your water safer. (1)

Water wells are driven, drilled, or dug into the ground until they access pockets of water, called aquifers. (2) Since aquifers are just water-bearing spaces underneath layers of rock and dirt, they are vulnerable to all sorts of seeping contaminants. (3) In this article, we are going to explore two harmful contaminants that get into your well water: sulfur and heavy metals.


If you have ever had a foul, rotten-egg smell or taste in your water, that’s sulfur. There are two forms of sulfur you need to worry about: hydrogen sulfide and sulfate bacteria. (4)

Sulfur bacteria occurs in well water from natural decay and chemical reactions in soil. Sulfur bacteria creates a slime-like coating in your plumbing, which can cause clogging. It can also cause other forms of bacteria to grow, like iron bacteria. In addition, sulfur bacteria can also cause pipe corrosion and brown, black, and rust-colored stains in your plumbing. (4)

Hydrogen sulfide gas is caused by sulfur bacteria. When the well water is transferred through your plumbing system, chemical reactions within your water heater can cause a rotten egg smell. Although hydrogen sulfide gas is not particularly dangerous for your health, high amounts could be. (5)

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals can easily get into well water, so it’s the well owners responsibility to protect their water from this contamination. Wells that are located near mining operations, petroleum refineries, manufacturing plants, waste, mineral deposits, cement plants are especially at risk of run-off. Groundwater collects run-off as it moves through the ground and into aquifers. Some of the heavy metals that you must be leary of are arsenic, chromium, copper, and lead. (3) Lead — the most dangerous of these water contaminants — can cause irreversible damage to your brian, kidneys, and nervous system, even from consuming just small amounts. (6)

Well water collects dangerous contaminants from waste, chemical plants, and refinery run off.

The Echo Water Filter

If your source water is well water, we recommend using a targeted filtration device in addition to your general filtration system. The Synergy Science™ Sulfur and Heavy Metals Water Filter can be used with any Echo Antioxidant Water Machine™, so you can have powerful filtration against sulfur and heavy metals.

Here are a few reasons why the Synergy Science™ Sulfur and Heavy Metals Water Filter stands out among other competing filters:

Robust Filtration

This powerful 20-micron filtration system uses a high-grade KDF 55 filter to remove iron, sulfur, and hydrogen sulfide (rotten-egg smell) from your water. It also removes other common well-water contaminants, like chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, scale, bacteria, and algae, even in hot water.

Long Lifetime

This durable device can filter up to 500 gallons (1,893 liters), which means it’s guaranteed to provide at least 6 months of robust filtration.

Easy Installation

The filter can be installed in a matter of minutes. It fits directly into your waterline and is designed to be used outside of any Echo Water™ Machine for clean and refreshing Antioxidant Water™.

Did you know that hydrogen sulfide gas is what causes that terrible rotten egg smell and taste in your drinking water?

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