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Affiliate resources
Welcome Affliates!

We are glad that you are here to help us promote our vision of helping people become healthier and happier by living better. We have assembled a variety of resources below that you can use for promoting the products you are selling. Each bundle of resources come with instructions on how to use the assets while maintianing brand image, if you have any questions please contact us at  Info@www.synergyscience.com.

Echo Digital resources
Social media content

Get a collect of social media posts that you can used every couple of day to increase your social media enganement and following. thes posts are intended to start meaningful conversations about yourself and Synergy Science. 


E-books can be a great resorce to give to people and follow up with them. more than that these E-books can teach you about each product. It will also help you answer frequently asked questions that you customers might have for you.

Webinar resources

Looking for ways to engage your audience this little guide book will help you to set up effective webinars. Level 1 and Level 2 sellers can also request to hold a webinar with Paul Barattiero for a small fee.

Lifestyle Pictures

These are free to use life style photos that you can encoorperate into any post or page promoting our products

audio and video

Audio files can be run as commercials for bumpers on the radio, on podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or other viable platform.


Putting the science into our products is what we excel at. We want to help you back your claims with the evidence you need.

Physical resources


Are you looking for quick infpormation at a glace? brochures are a great way to share your product with your customers.



Posters have been shown to be highly effect at gyms, health food stores, and health smoothie stores willing to have them there. 



If posters are not allowed, flyers with your information on them can be left at stores, clinics, and health clubs that can benefit from your affiliation.

Business cards?

Looking to network at conventions? Business cards are a great way to connect with people. Opportunities are all around you, seize them with confidence.

Two girls reading books

These books are mostly for your information. They can help you become an informed seller and influencer when it comes to the Synergy Science family.

Synergy Science Shop

Represent your brand with your own Echo and Qi affiliate merchandise. have the official look when you sell to give your sales the advantage it needs.

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