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The Echo H2 Hydrogen Water Machine for drinking hydrogen water

Echo H2® Machine

$3,495.00 $3,145.50 (10% OFF!)
$2,970.75 (15% OFF!)

For reduced oxidative stress and inflammation, try our Echo H2® Machine! Install the machine on your countertop or under the counter for hydrogen-enriched water with no pH change.
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Echo Ultimate | Synergy Science's best hydrogen water machine

Echo Ultimate™

$4,995.00 $4,495.50 (10% OFF!)
$4,245.75 (15% OFF!)

The Echo Ultimate™ offers four different types of water: hydrogen, alkaline, filtered, and acid water. The 7-inch color touch screen allows you to choose between 10 different language options to customize the machine just for you.
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Echo H2 Pitcher / hydrogen water pitcher by Synergy Science

Echo H2® Pitcher

$1,195.00 $1,075.50 (10% OFF!)
$1,015.75 (15% OFF!)

The Echo H2® Pitcher is a great hydrogen-enriched water solution for those on the go. It fits perfectly in your fridge and, within 20 minutes or less, will provide quality hydrogen-enriched water.
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Echo H2 Server | Hydrogen Water Generator

Echo H2® Server

$2,495.00 $2,245.50 (10% OFF!)
$2,120.75 (15% OFF!)

The Echo H2® Server is a filterless hydrogen water generator that perfectly partners with your home water system and reverse osmosis systems.
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Other Hydrogen Products

Echo Go - Hydrogen water bottle

Echo Go™

$149.99 $134.99 (10% OFF!)
$127.49 (15% OFF!)

Say hello to the Echo Go™: the same world-leader hydrogen-enriched water technology, now in a more portable option. Drinking hydrogen water has never been easier.
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Echo H2 drops

Echo H2® Drops

$49.95 $44.96 (10% OFF!)
$42.46 (15% OFF!)

The Echo H2® Drops are now discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience. Check out our Echo Go™  for a better on-the-go Hydrogen option that will last longer and give you more!
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Echo Ultimate Faucet™ - The Best Water Faucet by Synergy Science

Echo Ultimate Faucet™

$695.00 $625.50 (10% OFF!)
$590.75 (15% OFF!)

These are the three faucets available to use exclusively with the Echo Ultimate Machine. Please select your option from the drop-down.
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Echo H2 Faucet by Synergy Science | Chrome Water Tap Faucet

Echo H2® Faucet - Chrome

$105.00 $94.50 (10% OFF!)
$89.25 (15% OFF!)

When paired with the under-counter Echo H2® Machine, the Echo H2® kitchen sink drinking water faucet dispenses crisp Echo Hydrogen-Enriched Water™ into your home.
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Echo Water Filter for Echo H2, Echo 9, Echo 9 Ultra & Echo Ultimate Machines

Replacement Filter (for Echo 9 Machine™)

$110.00 $99.00 (10% OFF!)
$93.50 (15% OFF!)

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Echo 9 Ultra cleaning water filter

Echo 7 Cleaning Cartridge

$19.95 $17.96 (10% OFF!)
$16.96 (15% OFF!)

Remove any unwanted particles, buildup, and taste from your Echo 7 Machineusing the Echo 7 Cleaning Cartridge that releases citric acid throughout your machine.
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