7 Spooky Types of Water Pollutants

Last Updated on: June 21, 2022

Ghosts, vampires, and werewolves may be on your mind, but don’t turn a blind eye to the real dangers in your life, like the lurking pollutants in your water.

While we need water to survive, certain types of water pollutants can make us incredibly sick. For example, people living in third-world locations, like Africa and Haiti, are especially at risk of drinking water with cholera bacteria, which causes severe diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and even death. (1) American water systems do an incredible job at eliminating pollutants like cholera bacteria. But do some types of water pollutants still remain? The answer is yes.


Lead is perhaps the spookiest pollutant of all because you can’t see, smell, or taste it. (2) Even small amounts of lead can cause irreversible damage to your brain, kidneys, and nervous system over a long period of time. Lead can contaminate your water in many ways, including through soil, household dust, paint, and lead piping. (3)


Arsenic is a metalloid that exists in many minerals. Since it is tasteless and colorless, it can only be detected through chemical analysis. Even low amounts can lead to chronic illnesses, such as cancer, cardiovascular issues, and skin problems. Leakage from petroleum production, coal power plants, pesticides, and deposits in the ground can cause arsenic poisoning in groundwater. (4)


Aluminum is an abundant element that makes up 8% of the Earth’s crust. There’s no escaping it, as it can be found in your food and water and in the air. In high amounts, it has been linked to complications with the nervous system, including Alzeimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. (5) Aluminum in water can especially be absorbed through the bloodstream because it is in an unbonded form. (6)


As the demand for pesticides has increased, people have grown more worried for their health. Pesticides are chemical substances used to control pests in crop farms. Low amounts of pesticides have been detected in drinking water. These small amounts over a long period of time have been linked to diseases such as cancer. This has especially been a concern with a corn-protecting herbicide called atrazine, which has been known to contaminate well water. (7)


Fluoride is intentionally added to our drinking water to prevent tooth decay. However, excessive amounts of fluoride can build up in water systems if not regularly treated. Drinking high amounts of fluoride has been linked to skeletal fluorosis and also causes teeth mottling (discoloration) in children under 9 years old. (8)


While we need copper to stay healthy, excessive amounts of this metallic element can lead to poisoning, which could result in gastrointestinal illness, muscle pain, and Wilson’s disease. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported several outbreaks of copper poisoning in the United States. These outbreaks are typically due to corroded water pipes. Other concerns for contamination are copper salts used to eliminate algae in reservoirs and industrial discharges. (9)


Mercury is a metal that builds up in our body after each exposure and is very difficult to detox. (10) Due to the Earth’s natural degassing processes, 25,000 to 150,000 tons of mercury are released per year. An additional 20,000 tons of mercury are released due to human-related processes, like industrial waste. These releases contaminate oceans, rivers, streams, and lakes. Mercury poisoning in water can permanently damage your brain and kidneys and cause developmental disorders in children. (11)

Echo Hydrogen Water™ Machines have robust filtration technology and can remove lead, mercury, pesticides, and other types of water pollutants.

Filtration Options

Luckily, it’s possible to remove these pollutants using high-grade drinking water filters. The Echo H2 Machine™ and Echo Ultimate™ come with installed, multistage filtration that removes pesticides, lead, mercury, and more! Synergy Science™ pre-filters can also be added to these machines to target specific pollutants. (2)

Fluoride Filter

The Fluoride Filter can be inserted into your Echo Machine™, home filtration system, or refrigerator to keep you safe from the negative effects of fluoride, heavy metals, and chlorine.

Sulfur and Heavy Metals Filter

If you have well water, the Sulfur and Heavy Metals Filter helps remove common pollutants such as arsenic and lead. It also removes sulfur, which causes that rotten egg smell in your drinking water.

Hard Water Filter

The Hard Water Filter can be added to your Echo Machine™ to reduce minerals and total dissolved solids (TDS). This helps prolong the life of your machine and protects you from the negative health effects of these pollutants.

Synergy Science™ filters remove heavy metals and contaminants that are dangerous to your health.

Get Safer, Cleaner Water

As an added bonus, Synergy Scince™ drinking water filters give your water a crisp and refreshing taste. You and your family will enjoy the benefits of water that is safe, healthy, and delicious. Click here and get a water filter that will protect you from pollutants today!

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