5 Habits for a Better Morning Routine

Last Updated on: July 1, 2022

Would you like to build a better and more productive morning routine and feel better prepared for the day’s opportunities and challenges? A healthier, happier morning regimen is within reach. Here, you’ll learn five pro-tips to give you an advantage every morning as you start your day.

1. Drink 8 Ounces of Fluid

Start your day off right with some hydration. Be sure to drink something healthy like herbal tea, juice, water, a protein shake, or a smoothie, as opposed to an energy drink or soda. It’s important to hydrate with a healthy drink choice.

Sugary energy drinks and sodas, particularly caffeinated ones, tend to cause steep rises in energy and abrupt crashes. Drink something that will wake you up and provide lasting, more natural energy. Drinking 8 ounces of water or a healthy beverage can improve your metabolism, boost your mental and physical energy, help to develop a positive outlook, and even help you develop clearer skin. Staying hydrated also helps kidney function, reduces fatigue, cleanses the body of unwanted waste or toxins, and helps regulate temperature.

2. Daily Morning Positive Self-Affirmations

Interested in developing your daily self-confidence and motivation? Develop a habit of using positive self-affirmations every morning. Particularly if you have a job interview, exam, or another big step to take during the day, it’s important to believe in yourself and plan for success. Make time for improved mental health through morning positive self-affirmations.

Positive self-affirmations are focused, deliberate, and repeated thoughts that you tell yourself to overcome self-doubts and worries. (1) It could be an idea tailored to a big step like a job interview. Something as simple as thinking, “You’ve got this. You look great, and you’re well prepared.” Sometimes negative thoughts can keep going, making it hard to be positive and goal-oriented. If used habitually, morning self-affirmations can develop into a solid habit of positive belief that prepares you for the day. Counter self-doubts with positive self-affirmations.

If something on the week’s calendar seems especially worrisome, focus on thinking positively so you feel better prepared. Consider coming up with one phrase to counter the doubts. Positive thinking can put you ahead, develop deeper optimism, prepare you for your day, and put a smile on your face.

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3. Meal Prep for Breakfast

It’s easy to run out of time for preparing a solid breakfast in the morning when work, school, or other obligations are fast approaching, so get ahead by preparing a meal beforehand. (2) Every night, put together the ingredients that you’ll want for a healthy breakfast the next day. Make sure that you have the ingredients for your favorite smoothie or protein shake, and consider putting them together in a Ziploc® bag. Save time by slicing up the veggies in your omelet. If you need to buy something for breakfast, take care of it the night before so you’re not tempted by less healthy options in the morning.

4. Be Offline for 30 Minutes

It can be tempting to immediately check your email inbox or scroll through social media when your alarm wakes you up. This can actually cause stress and distract from addressing the morning’s needs, so give yourself a half-hour to wake up more naturally. (2) Let yourself think about your schedule for the day, your goals, family, friends, or whatever you feel best helps you prep for the day. This can start your day off with calm, focused energy that will help you start the day right.

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5. Exercise

Make time for a daily morning workout. Do what works best for you and make sure it’s something that you can do every day. A morning routine of a quick walk or jog is a fun way to increase your alertness and heart rate, and improve your mood. A yoga session can bring calmness and focus. Maybe you’d like to make time for some push-ups, crunches, and weightlifting. Even a simple five-minute stretch can get your limbs loosened up and make you feel better prepared for the day. The key is to make your workout part of your morning routine.

A little exercise in the morning is a healthy way to burn some calories and increase your energy, which you may even find lasting throughout your day. It’s also easier to make morning exercise a habit before work or other obligations come up in your schedule. (3)

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How to Rise and Shine: Habit development

If at first you struggle to make your mornings more productive, don’t worry. The key is to turn these tips into habits. Consider putting these ideas down in a list or schedule so that you develop your ideas. Then, as you start on your revised morning plan, break down each component into smaller increments of time.

Maybe your goal is to be up at 7:30. Remember that this means you can’t check your phone until 8:00. During that half-hour, if exercise is first, congratulate yourself as you go so it’s easier to keep it up. Repeat this with every part of your routine as you develop these steps into habits. By drinking 8 ounces of fluid, developing positive self-affirmations, meal prepping for breakfast, taking 30 minutes away from your phone, and exercising every morning, you’ll be ready for a successful and productive day.

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