10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

Last Updated on: September 12, 2022

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For those wanting to be healthy and live a healthier lifestyle, it may feel like you need to make some major life changes. Not so! Check out these 10 simple and easy ways that you can improve your health starting today.

Many of us are constantly looking for new and better ways to boost our health and live a healthy lifestyle, but seeing all of the options can be overwhelming. Plus, most of us live busy lives that don’t give us the luxury of taking a lot of time to try new things and create new habits. But being healthy is easier than you may think. In this article, we listed out ten simple ways that you can improve your health.

And the best part?

You can pick just one or two of these items, and they’re so easy that you can start implementing them into your life today! Soon enough, these small things will become habits, and you can enjoy a healthier, happier you with little effort.

1. Reduce Stress

Stress is a normal part of life, but it can have some negative health effects if it becomes overwhelming. Stress causes your muscles to tense up and your heart to race. If you experience high amounts of stress, you can increase your risk of developing a variety of health problems, including high blood pressure, ulcers, and heart disease. (1)

To help reduce your stress and lighten your load, try these simple things:

  • Talk to someone you trust or attend a support group.
  • Practice yoga or meditation for five to 10 minutes a day.
  • Take a deep breath when you feel the stress coming on.
  • Do something that helps you feel calm.
  • Try to acknowledge and accept that there are things that you cannot control.

Another simple way to help reduce the effects of stress is to drink hydrogen water. One study on mice found that hydrogen gas (which is infused into our Echo Water™) helps increase adolescent resilience to stress and decrease both acute and chronic stress-induced depressive or anxiety-like behavior in mice. (2) By adding hydrogen water to your daily routine, you can help protect your body against the effects of stress, as well as enjoy the many other benefits of hydrogen water.

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Exercise is perhaps the one thing we think of first when we think of improving our health and living a healthy lifestyle. But with busy schedules, many people may think they just don’t have the time for exercise. However, it doesn’t take much to experience the benefits of daily exercise.

Regular exercise offers a host of benefits, including better sleep, weight management, stronger bones and muscles, better mood, and a greater ability to do daily tasks. (3, 4) Some simple ways to stay active include:

  • Getting up from your desk and moving around every hour while at work.
  • Walk or participate in any moderate physical activity, even for just 10 minutes!
  • Relax each day (while reducing stress) with daily yoga.
  • Park farther away to get in a few extra steps.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

If you need a little boost to exercise or are worried about being sore afterwards, try drinking some hydrogen water! Studies have found that drinking hydrogen water pre-workout helps reduce blood lactate, improve endurance, reduce fatigue, and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. (5, 6, 7)


Eating foods with added sugar can slow both your energy and your efforts for a healthy lifestyle. Not only that, but liquid sugar (like that in soda) is among the most fattening items you can consume eat. Why? Because your brain doesn’t measure liquid sugar the same way that it measures solid foods. (8)

Sugary drinks are strongly associated with a variety of health issues, including obesity, heart disease, and Type II diabetes. (8)

If you need to cut down on the sugar, try replacing your sugary drinks and soda with carbonated water if you still need some carbonation. You can also replace sugary solid foods with healthier snack options, such as nuts, vegetables, or fresh fruit.

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Not only is water essential for life, but it is the “only nutrient shown to enhance performance for all but the most demanding endurance activities.” (3) Drinking enough water helps keep your energy up and can help make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. On average, men should drink 13 cups of water a day, and women should drink 9 cups of water a day. (9)

Some simple ways to make sure you get enough water each day include:

  • Drink one extra glass of water a day until you can regularly drink the recommended amount.
  • Drink a cup of water before eating. This will also help with portion control and efforts to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Set reminders to drink more water.
  • Replace soda and other drinks with water.

If you’re trying to drink more water, why not get more out of this new habit? Hydrogen water not only keeps you hydrated, but it offers a host of other benefits by infusing hydrogen gas into the water you drink. There are so many benefits of hydrogen water that can help you live a healthier life, including reducing oxidative stress, boosting your metabolism, fighting inflammation, supporting proper gut health, and so much more!


When life demands so much of us, it’s easy to experience more overwhelming and draining days. Battling stress and fatigue are a part of life, but when it becomes frequent, it can hinder your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s important that you take the time to do something for yourself every now and then.

Some simple things you can do to make time for yourself on a regular basis include:

  • Delegate tasks to give yourself a more open schedule.
  • Wake up earlier to give yourself time before the day’s schedule begins.
  • Schedule a time for yourself, and stick to it!
  • Get rid of things that waste time.


Getting enough and good-quality sleep is essential to staying healthy. Lacking sleep can lead to more sweet and salty food cravings, lower immunity, increased risk of high blood pressure, and more. (10) If you need help getting a better night’s sleep, try these simple habits:

  • Go to bed a half-hour earlier than planned to give your mind and body time to relax.
  • Do not look at your phone or screens for 30 minutes before bed.
  • Try some meditation to help you relax and unwind.
  • Write down any stressful or worried thoughts you have so they are out of your mind.
  • Make sure to go outside and increase bright light exposure during the day to help set your sleep clock.


Positive thinking has a powerful effect on both the mind and body. Having a positive attitude can help build a healthier immune system and give your overall health a boost. (12) Your body believes what you think, so by focusing on the positive, you can improve your chances of a healthier life. (12) Of course, positive thinking doesn’t replace the need for regular exercise, healthy eating, and other healthy habits, but it does give your efforts a nice boost!

Some simple ways to incorporate more positive thinking include:

  • Spend time with positive people.
  • Serve others.
  • Recognize and replace negative thoughts as they happen.
  • Compliment others sincerely.


An obvious way to help boost your health is to eat healthy foods. While we all may know the importance of eating healthy, some may find it difficult, especially with the expectation that you have to make major diet changes in order to do so.

Some easy ways to eat healthier include:

  • Add more fiber to your diet.
  • Limit snacking between meals.
  • Eat five small meals during the day instead of three big ones.
  • Watch your sodium intake.
  • Eat more finger foods (e.g., carrot and celery sticks, grapes, berries, dried fruit, etc.)

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The people in your life play an important role in your health and well-being. It is important that you surround yourself with people who are uplifting, positive, and encouraging, and perhaps limit or remove time with those who may be negative or toxic. By finding joy in those that you spend time with, you can experience greater happiness in life. In fact, a person is 15% more likely to be happy if they are in close contact with others who are also happy. (13)


Fresh air can do wonders for your health! For one thing, sunlight helps set your internal sleep clock to make sure your body is on a proper schedule. Being outside also naturally leads to more exercise and movement, which is an easy way to help keep your health in check.

In addition to fresh air, being outside exposes you to greater amounts of vitamin D, something most Americans don’t get enough of. Vitamin D is an important nutrient that helps support proper cell function, and mental and heart health. (1) Just be sure to put on your sunscreen before spending long amounts of time outside!

While being outside has many benefits, it can also expose you to a variety of pollutants, including smog, smoke, and pesticides. But don’t let that scare you away from the great outdoors! Hydrogen water has been shown to help protect lungs from acute injury in part by inhibiting inflammation and cell death that can be triggered by smoke inhalation. (14)

One study on rats showed that hydrogen water can also help lessen liver damage caused by chlorpyrifos, a common pesticide. (15) So before you go outside, be sure to grab your Echo Go™, and enjoy the outdoors knowing that you are helping to protect your body from common pollutants.


Did you find something simple to try today that can help improve your health? With these simple changes, you can experience a healthier, happier you with minimal effort! It doesn’t take a complete lifestyle overhaul to be healthier. Just start with something simple! And be sure to include hydrogen water to your routine for an extra boost of protection and health.

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