10 Places You Didn’t Know You Needed to Clean

Last Updated on: May 5, 2022

man cleaning his kitchen counter with echo clean

We all have a weekly or even daily checklist when it comes to keeping a clean house. But even if you’re cleaning up daily, your house may not be as clean as it could be. Check out these 10 places you may have forgotten to clean and learn how you can up your cleaning game with Echo Clean.

Our houses are where we spend most of our time. We sleep there, we eat there, and we make memories there. While your house may be tidy, is it really clean? Cleaning these 10 places will make your home truly spic and span.

1. Air Vents

If you’re like most people, this one probably isn’t on your list of Saturday-morning chores. But think of all the pet hair, dust, and other particles that make their way into your ventilation system, which then distributes them throughout your house.

Cleaning your air vents is actually not that hard to do. However, if you want your whole duct system cleaned, it’s best to hire a professional.

For an easy DIY air vent cleaning, you will need:

  • Bristle scrub brush
  • Dish soap
  • Rubber gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Vacuum with a hose attachment or Shop-Vac®

Start by turning off your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, then remove your vent covers from the wall, floor, or ceiling. Place the vent covers in hot water with dish soap and let them sit. While you are waiting, vacuum the space around the wall, ceiling, and floor as well as in your air ducts.

Scrub your vent covers with the bristle brush and dry them. Change your air filter and return the vent covers to their correct positions. That’s all it takes! (1)

woman cleaning carpet at home with bruch
Kids’ toys can carry a lot of germs.

2. Toys

Kids are adorable, but they can also be kind of messy. They spill, they get sticky, and they touch EVERYTHING, especially their toys. Because of this, it is important to regularly clean your children’s toys.

My favorite thing to use when cleaning children’s toys is the Echo Clean™ by Synergy Science™. The Echo Clean™ not only gets the gunk and grime off your kids’ toys, but it also helps to disinfect them. The Echo Clean™ uses not one but two 100% natural forms of acid water that have been clinically proven to clean 80x better than bleach and are completely safe for your loved ones.

stylish bathroom / laundry room
A toilet roll holder is touched, on average, 6-7 times a day per person.

3. Toilet Roll Holder

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used places, and while you probably clean your bathroom frequently, do you actually clean every surface in your bathroom, specifically your toilet roll holder? On average, one person touches the toilet roll six to seven times per day. Say you have a family of five; that’s at least 30 times a day. (2)

The Echo Clean™ is also perfect for keeping your toilet roll holder clean and germ-free. Simply remove the toilet paper, spray the holder with the Echo Clean™, and wipe it dry. Now your toilet roll holder is clean and disinfected.

woman cleaning a door handle at home with the echo clean
Light switches are frequently used and therefore need to be frequently disinfected.

4. Light Switches

Like toilet roll holders, we touch our light switches multiple times a day, but do we really take the time to stop and clean them? Put it on your to-do list because it’s time to clean and disinfect your light switches.

When cleaning your light switches, we recommend using an eraser sponge (like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser®) and some type of disinfectant multipurpose cleaner. Using these two products will ensure that your light switches look and feel clean.

5. Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Usually when you’re cleaning, you’re looking down — down at the floor, down at the counter, down at the toilet, etc. Rarely do you look up and notice your ceiling fans and light fixtures. If you did, though, you might notice that dust, debris, and maybe even insects are trapped on your ceiling fans or in your light fixtures.

Cleaning your ceiling fans or light fixtures might be a bigger job than cleaning your toilet roll holder or light switches. If they’re really dirty, you may want to lay down a large towel or sheet on the floor. That way you can collect the dust and shake it out outside. Once you’ve laid the sheet out, climb up your ladder and get to work. Dust the fan blades, and remove the light fixtures and anything stuck in them. Clean and dust the fixtures. Put everything back together, and remove the sheet and the ladder from under the light fixture.

young woman cleaning her windows at home with the echo clean
Light switches are frequently used and therefore need to be frequently disinfected.

6. Window and Door Tracks

Window and door tracks are places you might not think to clean often, but they can trap a lot of dirt and dust, and leave our homes looking dirty and grimy. Cleaning window and door tracks can be fairly simple.

Start by using the hose on your vacuum to remove any loose dirt or dust. Then spray a multi-purpose cleaner directly on the track. Wait 30 minutes and use a rag to wipe the track clean.

Pro Tip: If any dirt remains, spray the track again and use a toothbrush to scrub the dirt free.

7. Garbage Bins

Your garbage bins are used daily, but when was the last time you cleaned and disinfected them? Cleaning your trash bin regularly can help eliminate odors and reduce bacteria, and it’s a pretty easy task. If you have a hose or a power washer, that is the easiest way to clean them. If not, fill them with water from your shower, scrub with dish soap, and dump the water outside. Leave the bins outside to dry.

Pro Tip: Sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of your garbage bin and a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. This will help reduce smells and absorb any liquid that escapes from your garbage bag.

cleaning a shower head with the echo clean

8. Showerhead

When you think of all the surfaces you clean while cleaning the bathroom, your showerhead probably isn’t one of them. However, cleaning your showerhead regularly can be more beneficial than just looking nice.

According to The Showerhead Store, “mineral deposits and organic matter build up over time and can clog the holes, preventing an even flow of water. If you are noticing a sudden decrease in water pressure or irregular spray patterns, then it is likely your showerhead could use a good soak.” (3)

What you’ll need:

  • An old toothbrush (optional)
  • A plastic bag
  • A rubber band
  • Vinegar

For a simple clean, massage each of the nozzles on your showerhead with your finger or an old toothbrush. This will help to dislodge any debris. Once you’ve massaged all of the nozzles, return the showerhead to its normal position. Fill the plastic bag with vinegar and secure the bag to the showerhead with the rubber band. Let it sit for at least two hours. Remove the bag and wipe the showerhead clean.

Pro Tip: To avoid having to deep clean your showerhead often, spray it with vinegar or hypochlorous acid once a week when you are getting out of the shower.

9. Shower Curtain

Similar to the showerhead, the shower curtain is a happy place for bacteria, mildew, and other grime. It’s important to regularly clean your shower curtain to make sure that you aren’t exposing your family to any harmful bacteria.

To wash your shower curtain:

  1. Remove the curtain and liner from their hooks.
  2. Put both the liner and curtain in your washing machine with your regular laundry detergent and ¼ cup of bleach.
  3. Remove your shower curtain and liner from the washing machine and hang them back on the rod to air dry.

stylish washing machine with laundry baskets in the front

10. Washing Machine

If you’ve noticed your clothes haven’t been getting as clean as you’d expect, it could be because your washing machine is dirty. There are lots of different parts for dirt and grime to build up in. Cleaning your machine regularly can help prevent this buildup and keep your clothes fresher longer.

What you’ll need:

  • 4 cups vinegar
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • An old toothbrush
  • Cleaning towels

To start, fill your washer with hot water. Once it is about half full, add in the vinegar and baking soda. Fill the machine the rest of the way with hot water. Once full, allow the machine to agitate for 1-2 minutes to help stir the vinegar/baking soda solution. Stop the cycle and allow the solution to sit in the machine for about an hour.

After an hour, dip your cleaning towels and toothbrush in the cleaning solution. Use the towels and toothbrush to clean the top and all the little cracks and crevices in your washing machine.

older woman cleaning her kitchen with the echo clean
Are these 10 items on your cleaning checklist?

Let’s Get This Cleaning Party Started

Cleaning these 10 places in your home will not only leave your home sparkling clean, it will also help to reduce bacteria, mildew, grime, and germs. For an easy, everyday, multipurpose cleaning solution, check out the Echo Clean™ by Synergy Science™. The Echo Clean™ is a reusable cleaning appliance that creates a 100% natural cleaning solution at the touch of a button. Learn more here.

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